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tv   News  ABC  September 26, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> lock up the drawers a rash of -- doors a rash of break- ins. >> the latest on shawnice
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singletary shot while sending at a intersection. the gift she received designed to help her communicate with loved ones. >> a breathalyzer is coming back to the nation's capital after years of delays. we will let you know what police are doing to keep the roads safe from drunk drivers. those stories straight ahead on this wednesday. september 26th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. lynn jet has lot to tell -- lynette has a lot to tell you about the weather and lauren has been busy. >> reporter: the rain is coming down hard in elkton and we have a crash on 95. i will have the details coming up. but lynette is this rain going to stick around for the orioles game. >> possible. so we get a break and it could move back in. the thing i am worried about is thunderstorms. >> oh. >> we do have lightning this morning and we will get another round going into the afternoon. we have to time that out nicely. we will see what's going on there. but for this morning, for your commute as you work your way out of town and wherever you are going, we can see on maryland's most powerful radar, we are starting to die down a
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little bit. but we have the light rain around elkton so still slick roads across the area. along i-95 still some green on the map around aberdeen and betterton drying out a bit. but galena dealing with light showers. this is sliding off towards the east. we are dealing with some wet weather and the further to the south you go so the wet weather is starting to approach henderson and -- henderson and goldsboro. we can see that in the yellows. so this is what we are contending with going through the morning. we will get a break you don't need the coat heading out. replace it with rain gear with the temperature ming in at 61 degrees. let's check the abc to -- 2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> the eastern shore is getting slammed with heavy rains and it's really coming down hard up in cecil county. we have a crash there in elkton on 95 along the southbound lanes at route 279. you can use route 40 to avoid the delays and if you are using 95 in white marsh as we check in and look live here at route 43, you will notice everything
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is up to speed. no concerns into baltimore city. and as we look at other drive times, the jfx is going to be delay free. that typical 11-minute ride traveling southbound from the beltway to fayette street. 695 no problems to report. on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83, that's taking you 11 minutes and you are look at 11 minutes on the west side traveling on the outer loof r loop from 795 to 95. now over to you. 5:33. three weeks there have been 15 burglaries in one small community in anne arundel county. neighbors saying the spree is getting them to put extra locks on their doors. sherry john son has -- sherry johnson has more as -- sherrie johnson has more as police try to catch the burglary. >> reporter: they are investigating with 15 burglaries in three weeks folks in the boulevard park neighborhood are on the lookout. they are off mountain road. peep who live there say it's a
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quiet and crime free area until now. some of they didn't lock their doors. over the last few weeks things changed. police believe the same person committed the burglaries. officers say it was someone who is is familiar with the neighborhood and routines of people who live there. dekives say the suspects breaks in when no one is home and makes off with cash jewelry and electronics. many started to change their routine. >> as soon as my neighbor right behind me got robbed, i have not been able to sleep about a couple hours a night. i pace from window to window looking out. >> reporter: in the response to the burglary spree the neighborhood association mass a heat -- has meeting planned at #:30 at the clubhouse. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:34a woman shot in the neck and paralyzed from the waist down got a special gft allowing her to better
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communication. shawnice singletary was shot while sitting in her car. her computer allows another dothings with the lightest moment of her eyes donated by a -- movement of her eyes dough by the enateed by a company -- eyes donated by a company. >> it heaps lot. it -- it helps a lot. it helps me to communicate with my family. i asked myself why, why would they do this who did it. i have moments like that, but, i leave it alone. >> sadly police say they have no suspects in the shooting. johns hopkins presented her with an award for being an inspiration to others. 5:35. washington, d.c. police will resume blood alcohol test for suspected drunk drivers later this week. this is two years after that program was suspended because of the testing equipment having flaws. the trained police operator
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will measure blood alcohol content as police process the arrest and police will conduct field sobriety test at the scene. it takes effect on friday. that program was suspended after inaccurately calibrating equipment called into question. hundreds of drunk driving convictions. the bizarre case in texas police say a woman shot her husband after an argument about one of the couple's cats. wow. now police say audrey mill are's husband made a comment about hurting the cat when she shot him. he is recovering in the hospital this morning. neighbors heading to work and discovered the crime scene. >> they are nice neighbors and quiet i think they are leasing the home. so they have been very nice. >> nice as long as you walk the line. police say audrey miller is not giving her side of the story yet. she is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. a 13-year-old accused of stealing a car leading police on a high-speed chase and crashing that vehicle happened
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in northern california. police there say this started when officers spotted the reported stolen vehicle and tried to perform a traffic stop. that's when police say that 13- year-old took off and flipped the car about a mile later. the teen was rushed to the hospital and later releaseded to his more's custody where he probably has a lot of ex-- mother's custody where he has a lot of explaining. with the change of the weather could severe weather. >> we will take you to a town that is shifting through damage after a tornado ripped through the community. >> o's fans consider yourself warn. ticket scammers may be targeting you. what you need to look out for when good morning maryland continues.
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wednesday morning we have dramatic video out of illinois where storm chasers got good look at a tornado happening near the town of oakville. just outside st. louis. authorities say that storm brought wind strong enough to blow over a semi-trailer and the hail the size of tenes balls. now at least 3 homes were damaged by the storm.
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so, pretty ominous sight in the sky and they will have a lot cleanup. >> time for a check of the forecast. lynette is standing by. that is tornado alley and we have the weather changing. >> exactly. and you know, fall is the second season for severe weather. that's very common to see that. and we could be getting some a couple weeks ago we had some severe weather and we are going to keep our eyes peeled for the next several weeks to see what happens as we get the strong cold fronts moving in clashing with the air masses. so, as we look at the satellite and radar, we think we are drying things out for the most part. but, we will have another round of showers and storms work their way in here as we go throughout the day. and we can see them back around illinois they will go through it once again. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. cecil county has gotten hit hard with heavy rain this morning. and we have a crash up in elkton on 95. it's blocking two southbound lanes right now at route 279. to avoid the delays, stick with
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route 40 instead. and now for those of you using the harrisburg expressway, no concerns from shawan down to 695. and it will remain nice and clear as you get on to the jfx. and for those of you using 695, here's a live look at the top side in towson and dulaney valley road, everything up to speed. no concerns getting up to 83 this morning. meg -- megan and carley. the economy is in the tank. but this morning the nfl replacement referees. [audio not understandable] >> a doctor is offering help when it comes to aphysical ating the games. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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[ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt, how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad." stage three: surprise! "look at this cool cornery thing! i love this stuff!!"
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stage four: desolation. "it's gone!" stage five: anticipation "i guess i could always have another"... "have you been through the five stages of muller yet?" "yeah, just now." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. no o's magic last night at yard shut out by the blue jays final score 4-0. >> as the team sets its sights on the post season scammers are gathering up -- shall gearing up. -- gearing up. what should people be looking out for. >> reporter: any fan chance a be -- wants a chance to go to the post he season so scammers are capitalizing on counterfeit. wide card and divisional series games are sold out. security experts say watch out for the fakes. here's red flags to look for. if the ink on the ticket
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smudges or the paper is slit along the edges chances are it's a fake and make sure there's no dates or times printed on the ticket because the post season schedule has not been set yet. >> a counterfeiter with desk top technology can create anything they want. >> reporter: and for all the o's fans there's another buckle up rally today from noon to 1 at mccormick world of flavors on light street and thursday from 2 to 3 and watt mart in severn. the buckle up team will be rallying fans giving away game tickets and gear. the o's will take on the blue jays again tonight. lipped linda so, abc2 news. 5:46. and in response to story -- tory smith's outstanding performance they will be chanting his name as a show of support for him fans only will produce an officially licensed
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tory smith t-shirt production on the shirts starting this morning. and the shirts will be distributed to stores throughout the area and they will be available online at tory chant website. monday night's last-minute loss to the seahawks has green bay packers fans seeing red. a wisconsin eye care provider wants to help the nfl referees who made the game deciding call. they want to help them see clearly. a doctor is offering free lasik surgery to the replacement refs who officiateed the game. >> the referees obviously they had vision issues and we decided we could help them with that. >> the doctor says he and his staff will talk to them about decision making and the rules of the game of football. no word whether the nfl will take the doctor up on the offer. iranian president ahmadinejad and egypt's
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president will address the u.n. general assembly today. ahmadinejad is planning to meet with occupy wall street protesters in new york city. however a spokesperson for occupy says it's not true. there's a hearing ondefamation case against casey anthony. she is being you'd saying she damaged a woman's reputation. anthony claimed a nanny took caylee in 2008. >> ohio is seeing presidential action today. mitt romney is is atexting a victory rally in toe -- is attending a victory rally in toledo and then bedford heights the president will speak at kent state and bowling green university. employees at giant eagle had helping organize food donation pack food kids and check expiration dates. giant is holding a food drive in area locations.
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power ball jackpot up to $200 million. they will draw the numbers tonight so get your tickets today. we will be starting a cash collection in the newsroom soon. if you get that grand prize option right now, it's 128 1/2 million dollars. >> that's walk off money. >> it is. all right most people will remember for the rest of their lives. >> one 12-year-old boy his firstkiss with a country music superstar will be unforegibbable. this is cute. >> well-done. >> absolutely. how does a 12-year-old manage to get a smooch from this gal right here. well, first kiss ever. sign language from the front row it appears. next thing you know carrie underwood holding chase's hand on stage in louisville kentucky at the consent cert. concert. [audio not understandable] >> close your eyes. >> don't look at me, kid.
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>> that's so cute. and i like how he was like we are going for the lips here don't give me a peck on the cheek. all right. so he later exchanged tweets with carrie underwood hash tag lip lock. lip to lip. his friend called him the luckiest dude in the world. so not fare -- fair you got to kiss her. >> well-done young man. >> that's so cute. good for her. lynette charles is standing by with the forecast. it's serious and we have storms developing and it's going to be the case throughout the day. >> yeah. we have a break in the action right now. we had showers and storms earlier. those are now pushing over into delaware many so we have a break. you need to get out there and run the errands because we will see more showers and storms pushing in going into the afternoon and the game could be a little on the iffy side. this is what we are working with this morning. temperatures in the 60s every where. so very mild. we don't need the coat with you what you need is the rain gear. one of the reasons why we are dealing with the mild air beside the fact the clouds are
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out there, we do have the wind out of the southwest pushing in the warmer air and that will continue throughout the day at 5 to 10 miles an hour. we are looking at the cold front at the surface. this is what's going to move through by tomorrow. behind it we will have cooler air moving in. but this cold front is going to stall out and sag to the south of us. so with that, it will bring us a chance for showers and storms each and every day going through weekend. so it's not looking like we will see -- we will see downpours but we have the chance for spotty showers to work their way into the picture. so this is what we are seeing at 5 for today. the compute home be another wet one. 81 degrees is the high. it's going to be warmer and we should be at 74 now. 64 this evening and showers and storms still possible by tomorrow. we still have a chance for a stray shower in the forecast and the 7-day forecast looks like this. heading for the ravens game, we look cooler right around 75 degrees during the day. but, we still do have the
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chance for a stray shower in the forecast and the o's playing again. we have some rain in the forecast. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. we have a little patchy fog in baltimore county as well. >> reporter: yes, you want to expect reduced visibility. slow down this morning because the rain and the fog really leading to some bad conditions out there. we do have an accident up in cecil county in elkton on 95. and it's along the southbound lanes of 279 and there are more problems in anne arundel county. a disabled tractor trailer is on route 10 at the ramp to east ordnance road. one lane blocked and crofton an accident on johns hopkins road at rideel road. traveling on 97 no concerns from route 50 up to 695. and the west side of 695 will be nice and clear from 795 all the way down to 95. no delays whatsoever. and here's what the beltway looks like in parkville at harford road. everything up to speed no delays traveling the inner loop
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towards 95. or the outer loop up towards towson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. we have heard of themeed parties for special occasions. this one takes it to a new level. >> coming up next, who or what one man's bringing to parties so people can have a once in a lifetime experience.
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all right thanks for staying with us. this is not your typical party entertainment. >> it's not but one man says he can guarantee wild event you won't forget. i agree. it has a vicious reputation known for lurking in ponds and bath waters sometimes your swimming pool. but bob is ensighting alligators to parties. he takes the animal's mouth -- inviting alligators to parties. he tapes the animal's mouth close and introduces it and lets it rome around. >> we were saying i am not. [audio not understandable] all the stuff that i never knew about gators i learned about. >> he needed a way to make up
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time when tourism is slow and has attractions so he duct tapes the alligator's mouths. >> we don't know if it's duct tape. >> scotch tape? >>i hope it's not scotch tape. >> would you? >> no. not at all. >> they can whip the tales can't they? >> something for everybody i guess. >> i guess. schools in baltimore county are closed but students can celebrate by having the day off. >> results from s.a.t. tests are out and we will tell you how well your child's school did. >> plus, one father admits his children during a blogging incident that he has a favorite. now the fallout that could be coming.
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